Sunday, 30 September 2012

Plucking Parsley

Today's weather has turned out better than I anticipated. A bit breezy but still very pleasant in the autumn sunshine, most especially in sheltered spots in the garden. With tomorrow beckoning in the month of October it will not be too long before ground frosts become a regular feature of the weather forecasts. We have already had one night with a light frost which burnt the outer leaves of the courgette plants.

Parsley is a reasonably hardy herb although most of  the foliage does die back by late autumn. In the spring you will get some new growth before the plants run to seed. This spring growth will have very short stems. The best of the parsley is ready now and so as to ensure sufficient supplies for winter use, including the making of Christmas stuffing, I have filled three bags for freezing.  As to continued fresh supplies I have placed  a cloche over the parsley plants. This will help to keep the ground temperature up and should mean continued sporadic cropping until the worst of the winter weather hits.

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