Thursday, 20 September 2012

Track Tales

After Saturday's beach run I was happy to be running on firmer strata on Sunday. We ran about two miles by way of warm up before  doing a reverse pyramid of one minute efforts with reducing jog recoveries  starting with ninety seconds and decreasing in fifteen second increments. There were two fifteen second recoveries in the middle of the session. So twelve minutes of pace running.  After five minutes jog we then ran six strides before jogging a mile back to the gym where we did two circuits of six one minute exercises, three leg and three chest and arm.

Monday's travail consisted of an hour long recovery run at a very moderate pace so that the old legs were fresh for Tuesday's track session where we started off with the usual warm up before launching in to hurdle drills. Probably not the exercises of choice for those with weak lower stomach muscles! That over we ran eight accelerations before the main course of the evening's training. This consisted of  15 x 200m. We started each rep 20m into the home straight and finished 20m into the back straight. Three of us worked together taking it in turns to lead out the reps. These were run in 36/37s. We had 45s between each rep to jog across the infield to get back to the starting line. It doesn't sound too arduous but it wasn't easy. That completed we managed a short cool down prior to departing in search of sustenance.

Just as I was leaving a brown envelope was thrust into my sweaty palm.  I soon discovered that the contents consisted of folding legal tender.  Oh joy of joys! Apparently I had won my age category in a 3k race which I had run a few months back. I have decided that this windfall is not going to change me. This brings my prize money haul for the year to the momentous figure of £30. Clearly I will have to engage the services of  an agent very soon.

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