Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chutney Days

September gluts continue in the garden. I had pulled some ten pounds of tomatoes last Wednesday. A couple of pounds had been donated to the aged parents and a few were used up in sandwiches and salads. A batch of soup, some consumed and some frozen, used up about four pounds. By today the balance was becoming a trifle over ripe so it had to be processed somehow. A paucity of room in the freezer pointed against further pottage and as an unsullied Bloody Mary did not really appeal I determined to convert the balance into chutney with the assistance of a few additional ingredients.

This chutney lark seems to be really a matter of deciding upon a principal ingredient and then bunging in some vinegar, sugar and whatever else you can think of. If you want to fry the old taste buds then clearly copious quantities of mustard powder or the like is called for. If not then more fruit seems to be the ticket.

I cannot abide the use of metric mesurement. This blog will forever remain a corner of a forgotten web that will remain a devotee to imperial measurement. No kilos here. The relation of the ingredients to my culinary masterpiece is set out below.

After an initial boil up on the ancient aga, (other stoves and cookers are available,) the concoction was left to simmer for approximately an hour before being allowed to cool and then decanted into jars for sealing. Should go well with the cold meats on Boxing Day methinks. Together with a side order of a nice malt.

Suggested Possible Ingredients

four pounds tomatoes - chopped
two  pounds of peeled and decored cooking apples - chopped
half a pound of onions - chopped
three quarters of a pound of sugar
half a pound of mixed raisins and sultanas
two red peppers - chopped
four teaspoons ground ginger
one tablespoon ground ginger
one pint ( and extra swig) cider vinegar

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