Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Training Update

Last Friday was our rest day, so no run,  but Saturday morning saw me up bright and breezy ,- well up anyway- ready for the days travail. No quick accelerations or sprinting required of which I was glad as I was still wary of my left leg causing me problems. Just a steady seventy minute run on a reasonably flat out and in route. The first mile was quite slow, but after that the miles were clocked off at a fairly constant 7.15 pace. Sunday's training was rather more tiring. After a ten minute warm up we launched into a thirty five minute run punctuated by a pyramid of six exercises with twenty reps of each exercise (total 720 reps). The running was at 7minute pace. There was then a slow fifteen minute recovery run back to the gym where we finished off with some, "plank," and two sets of one hundred and fifty press ups. I have to concede that one hundred and fifty press ups in one go is something which is presently beyond my capability, so I ended up doing a set of one hundred and one of fifty each time. My arms were definitely, "burning."

Monday's training was done on my lonesome and in the rain. I choose a reasonably flat area not far from home for my hours run. After a fifteen minute warm up I then ran four, five minute efforts at my 5K pace, (so somewhat under six minute mileing), slowing up to about eight minute mileing between the efforts and for the last ten minutes. This was the first time for many months that I had gone home with rain sodden kit.

Yesterday (Tuesday) saw me at a group, track based session. After a total of fifty lunges, a six lap warm up and a series of accelerations we then ran 10 x 400m with 100 m walk/jog between. These were all done in just under eighty seconds, which for me equates, roughly, to 3000m pace. Probably a trifle too quick for this time of year, but it felt comfortable. We finished off with a ten minute jog.

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