Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend in the Veg Patch

It really is a pity that our weather is so changeable. Saturday and Sunday provided perfect gardening weather whilst today was just soggy. I manged to avail of the weekend's dry conditions to do a bit of a tidy up in the vegetable plot. The threat of ground frost caused me to pull the balance of the broad beans. They did not produce a huge crop but this final cull provided two bomb bags full of pods. The beans have now been extracted from their pods and consigned to the freezer. The runner beans are still producing well and I picked just over three pounds of them. I think that I will reduce their numbers next year although they do look quite nice clambering up their bamboo wigwams.

Parsnips are really a winter vegetable but I decided to pull a brace to see how they were progressing. I do not think that they will turn out to be quite as large as in previous years but none the less the sample pulling was very usable and thankfully there is no evidence of rust. They were roasted along with some beetroot before being consumed by yours truly.

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