Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Summer Flowers

Crocosmia - 31st August 2012

They may be one of the easiest flowers to grow but that doesn't mean that crocosmia should be shunned. This genus of flowers from the iris family has a very striking florescence. They grow from underground corms and these corms scan be split up to provide innumerable additional plants. Their self propagation properties are perhaps the greatest downside of this plant as it can begin to take over a border if given the chance. Some judicious light staking is perhaps advisable to prevent the flowers being blown over in the wind. They will grow to some forty inches in height. I have both orange and red flowering varieties in the garden but I much prefer the red coloured plants, one of which is shown above. I am not totally sure which variety it is but I suspect that it is, "Lucifer."

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