Thursday, 13 September 2012

Chilli Day

Chillis - 13th September 2012
Whilst there has not been exactly oodles of sun since my post of 29th July there has been sufficient to ripen quite a few of the chillis which I have  been growing in the greenhouse. Accordingly I grabbed my trusty swiss penknife from the kitchen drawer this morning (gadget to take stones out of horses hooves included) and wended my way to the chillis residence.

Whilst it was rather cool outside, the balmy warmness of the greenhouse, even at nine o'clock, was reassuringly pleasant. I pulled a total of thirty chillis, some of them smaller than others, but with a total weight of ten ounces. It is unfortunate that retailers insist on using metric weights, but carrying out the necessary calculation this works out at £12.80 worth. I will dry some of these but the bulk will be frozen.

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