Friday, 7 September 2012

Thursday's Training Diary

I started off my training yesterday with forty five minutes steady rowing on the concept rower. Nothing too spectacular. Not a rowing session, just gentle conditioning. The average 500 m time was 2min 40.

The group training of the day was arranged for five o'clock. We started with four sets of ten lunges; front; front side; rear side and rear. That over we went for a thirty minute warm up run around a park at 7.30 pace. It was surprisingly warm and I think everyone was wearing more kit than was really comfortable. Still there was no doubt that we were well warmed up for the six hill reps which we then did. Speed wasn't the main idea behind these efforts. It was more a matter of running tall with a quick leg action. With the reps completed we reverted indoors for a quick circuit session, sixteen exercises for thirty seconds with thirty seconds between each exercise. This element of our training was concentrating on core stability. We are likely to adopt this format for our Thursday sessions until at least Halloween, although the workload will increase as we work on our stamina base.

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