Saturday, 22 September 2012

Grass Session

I have to concede that I am somewhat tired after this morning's training session. It did not feel that bad at the time, but the energy levels are rather low this evening. Perhaps one or two snifters are required followed by an early sojourn to the pit. This might not be what Mr Bolt would recommend but it sounds good to me.

It was still quite cool when we started the morning's exercise, but it soon heated up - a combination of the September sun and our own efforts. We started off with almost twenty minutes warm up on road and path. Probably about two and a half miles. After that most of the group changed into spikes for the session although I decided to wear racers. The grass wasn't too soft and I prefer the more malleable sole of the racing shoe. We had four, five minute efforts with two and a half minutes jog between. The efforts were ran at just under six minute pace. One of our number who hasn't been training much recently went off very fast in the first rep. I think his mind was reminiscing about when he was younger, fitter and much lighter. His body reminded him of the actuality before the end of this first rep but he kept going with dogged determination through the balance of the session.

With the long reps completed we then ran six one minute reps with one minute jog between. These were executed at the same tempo as the previous reps and around the same gently undulating course. That completed a twelve minute warm down followed before we all departed homeward for hot showers and sustenance.

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