Wednesday, 5 September 2012

At Track

This leg injury of mine is taking longer to clear up than I anticipated. It is improving, but very gradually. I decided to risk the group track session yesterday. By the time of the warm down I was glad that I hadn't removed my leg support, but thankfully the  leg seems to have stood up to the rigours of some modest pace running.

There were only six of us out yesterday. The two elite chaps trained by themselves so that left the four "also rans," to train together, myself, a plastic vet (m35), a v40 and a u23 woman. After a fifteen minute warm up and six 100m strides we started into the session. This consisted of five efforts, starting at 200m and going up to 1000m by way of 200m increments. We had a 200m jog recovery between each. The idea was to start off the session at 800m pace and end up at 3000m pace. We started  with  a 35 second 200m which was a smidgen too slow, even for me, but we then got the pace on target ending up with a 2.40 800m and a 3.18 1000m.

Time for today's run methinks.

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