Saturday, 1 September 2012

Jellied Beetroot - Eugh!

Beetroot - "Bolthardy." 1st September 2012
September is now upon us. This is probably the most productive month in the vegetable garden and it is certainly the time of year when the processing and preserving of crops comes to the fore. I have been pulling beetroot for the past five to six weeks, but although I am quite partial to fresh roasted beetroot the balance of the crop now needs to be pulled before the beet become too large and woody. As usual the variety that I have grown is the ever trusty "Bolthardy."

I intend to store about half the beet in a dark outhouse in wooden boxes and covered in sand. Those should keep until at least the new year. The balance will be boiled, sliced and pickled. I remember that my mother used to cube and jelly her beetroot and this was always brought out for the light salad supper on Christmas day. I never liked it. It wasn't the beetroot that was the problem it was the jelly and the cloves. I have vivid childhood recollections of dissecting pieces of beetroot from the jelly and pushing the purple coloured gelatinous goo to the side of my plate. Even now I shudder at the thought.

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