Friday, 14 September 2012

Portrush Parkrun

Last Saturday was the first running of the Portrush Parkrun. Parkrun organise free weekly 5k runs at various venues throughout the UK and indeed the world. In the case of Portrush the name is a bit of a misnomer as the run is held on the East Strand ,so hardly a park! These runs do not purport to be high class races. The aim is to promote running as a way of exercising. A total of ninety eight individuals turned up last Saturday with the fastest time being 18.38 and the, "rouge lantern," stopping the clock at over 58 mins. As well as getting an accurate time the participants also get an age graded result so the oldies can compare their times with those of the young bucks.

I think that I might paddle along to the East Strand tomorrow and check the run out. I might even decide to participate if the tide is out and the going firm. Lack of shelter could be a major problem as it  is an out and in course. That could well be the factor determining whether I pull on the racing shoes.

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