Monday, 1 October 2012

Calabrese - Eat Your Greens!

Calabrese - 30th September 2012
Surely even the most pernickety of sprogs, (oka children), must like spouting brocolli, or calabrese as it is otherwise known as. If they do not they should. Mixed with roasted pine nuts it is extremely appetising. 

The heads on my Calabrese plants are swelling nicely and they should be ready for cropping by the end of October.  It is recommended that the seed are sown where the plants are to crop as they tend not to transplant well. Whilst that may be what the books say I have always sown the seeds indoors in mid spring and then transplanted the seedlings into trays for growing on and hardening off,  before finally planting them in their final growing positions at the end of June. Maybe the cool and damp summer helped me this year. Although I have never done it with this crop it apparently freezes well.

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