Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Yet More Tomato Chutney!

The Raw Materials

One of my friends was complaining last week that his tomato plants had succumbed to botrytis. Thankfully, (remove hat, and touch head,) my plants have avoided the fungal spores and they are still producing more ripened fruit than I probably need. I do not like to admit that though.

Eight pounds was today's haul. I do not think that I will end up with very many green tomatoes when I finally remove the plants from the greenhouse and in any event I do prefer red tomato chutney over the green variety. Accordingly I decided that half of the, " pulling," should be processed into more chutney for storing away for winter and spring use. Why half you ask? Well simple really. When you add all the other ingredients to the dear old saucepan, four pounds of tomatoes is as much as you can squash in. The amalgam of contents was going to be somewhat different for this batch.

The saucepan with its red and vinegary contents was put on the hot ring of the aga for an initial boil up and then allowed to simmer on the slow ring for a couple of hours to reduce the liquid and give a bit of slurpy solidity to this culinary delight. The resultant chutney was then spooned into the awaiting sterilised jars.

The Possible Ingredients

4 lbs tomatoes - chopped
2 sweet peppers - chopped
1lb onions
2 pints malt vinegar
1 lb raisins
1 lb caster sugar

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