Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Celeriac Crop

Celeriac - 15th October 2012
 This is the first year that I have grown celeriac.  It takes at least six months to mature so the seed has to be sown in early spring. I sowed my seed indoors and transplanted the seedlings into trays to grow on . It was late May before I planted the young plants outside in a block. The bulbs at the base of the stem are about three inches in diameter now. Hopefully they might swell a little more before growth ceases.

It is a good winter crop and is able to cope with temperatures as low as fourteen degrees fahrenheit without any protection. As well as being able to use the "bulb," either cooked or raw the leaves and stems can be used in soups. In dry summers, (what are they?) the books say that you need to water the plants and apply mulch to prevent loss of moisture. I think that I will probably add celeriac seed to next year's seed list.

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