Friday, 5 October 2012

Portbradden in the Fall

From Portbradden Pier - 5th October  2012

The late afternoon sun gave warmth to the autumn air. There were no tourists disturbing the solitude. The few houses at Portbradden were all unoccupied and there were no boats at the small pier. Looking across the bay I could see four people on the beach, but they were so far away that I could not hear them. The  turning tide slapped idly on the polished pebbles. A solitary herring gull's rasping cry momentarily disturbed the silence and then the salty tranquillity resumed. I read my book.

The active quietness and warm solitude wrapped around me.  A curious seal poked its head above the steel blue sea. It's curiosity sated, it subsided below the undulating waves. Chapter two read. The sun was now lower in the sky. The damp corpulent smells of autumn sank down from the surrounding woodland and with them the coolness of the evening hour. Time to take a regretful leave.

St. Gobbans Church Portbradden - 5th October 2012

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