Thursday, 4 October 2012

Victorian Trollope Attracts Little Interest

Most of them are women, but I do not think that that is the reason. As for the men, well there was no evidence of misogyny. Why then was the turn out of members at the monthly book club which I attend so pitiful? Only two were in attendance. Just yours truly and a n other. It did mean that there was gallons of coffee and tea and copious biscuits for the brace of attendees that did turn up, but the paucity of individuals did not help the intellectual  dissection of this month's book, - Anthony Trollope's, "Framley Parsonage."

The explanation is I think fairly obvious. The leader and organiser of the group, who had been provided by the Library Service, had announced his resignation at the last meeting and none of his colleagues had volunteered to take over his mantle. Those at the September meeting had all avowed that they would continue to attend and declaimed that the lack of a formal organiser was not a death knell for the classics book club.  It seems however that rigor mortis may not be too far distant.

Will the Dowager Lady Lufton and her son get over the slight that has been visited upon them by the readers of this locale?  It is I think doubtful, but the number of members that present themselves at the November meeting will provide the answer.

Maybe Steinbeck will be more to their taste.

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