Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Children to vote in Scottish Referendum!

The prospect of sixteen and seventeen year olds being permitted to vote in the Scottish Independence referendum fills me with dread. Politics seems to be a dirty business, but why David Cameron should have agreed to this extension to what many would regard as already being too wide a definition of universal suffrage I cannot imagine. There will now be renewed pressure to allow these children to vote in all national and local elections. I acknowledge that the decision is not one of the Conservative Party, but rather that of the Government and perhaps there lies the rub, because of course the Liberal Democrats are members of the coalition of regional and other political parties supporting the, "Votes at 16," campaign. 

Mr Samond must be very happy with this turn of events. His, is at heart a socialist party and as the saying goes, " He who is not a socialist at nineteen has no heart. He who is a socialist at thirty has no brain." That is of course a very glib saying because Mr Samond does have a brain and a very politically astute brain and he knows that he will get the majority of these children to vote for Saltire separatism. 

If you permit people to vote at sixteen then presumably it follows that MPs need only be sixteen, policemen need only be sixteen, surgeons need only be sixteen, jurors need only be sixteen and High Court Judges need only be sixteen. I for one do not want a sixteen year old to determine how I am governed. How many of these youths (male and female) have any great knowledge of politics and economics? What life experience do they have? Are they able to weigh matters up? Will they really consider the pros and cons, the short term factors and the long term factors?  If they must vote on something there is always the ,"X Factor." or  similar. For the most part they will vote per their parents or with the herd. I was not sufficiently mature to vote at sixteen. I know that now and I would like to think that I knew that then. 

Rather than reducing the age for voting perhaps an increase in the voting age should be considered.

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