Sunday, 7 October 2012

Last Peppers Picked

I spent about an hour this afternoon cutting the last section of the beech hedge which surrounds the vegetable patch. A tad too late in the year to complete this task, but hopefully there will be no very hard, early frost to punish my tardiness.

The hedge will easily withstand the light ground frost which is predicted for tonight, but I was slightly concerned that the remaining sweet peppers might not, even though the greenhouse would give some protection. Accordingly in case they should be converted to unusable mush overnight I picked them all. One or two have a blush of red pervading them but most are a very verdant green. Kept in the cool of the cellar I probably have a fortnight to use them up. I suspect that some of them may be used to bulk up a green tomato chutney or maybe to add some crunch to a minestrone soup.

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