Sunday, 7 April 2013

Track Session for the Superannuated Runner

A coolish start to yesterday but at last spring seems to have sprung. Not quite the weather for shorts and singlet, but one doesn't have to be quite so happed up for training.


After a warmup we started off with some hip exercise before completing a series of high knees between canes. We then ran two sets of four x 300m. We had six minutes between sets and two minutes between efforts. The first couple of reps in each set were not too bad, but thereafter the cumulative build up of lactic made it rather difficult to maintain your speed. I managed to average 50s for my efforts. Not what I would have managed, "in the day," but acceptable for a superannuated runner. A senior male runner would have had to have run his reps in 41.8s to have completed a similar session.


A mile warm down to help dissipate the lactic acid completed the days training.



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