Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gin Days Ahead?

Originally considered a herbal medicine I doubt whether any GP would now prescribe it. That said a nicely iced gin and tonic can exhibit many restorative qualities on a warm summer evening, sitting in the garden, as you watch the swallows swoop in the gathering dusk. It is more of a summer drink than one of the short dark days of winter.
I have to concede that I do occasionally savour an odd snifter of gin, particularly when the greenhouse is producing a surplus of cucumbers. You have to use the cucumbers somehow! The recent rise in temperature prompted the purchase of a bottle of Hendrick's gin. I wonder if the colour and shape of the bottle is an allusion to the drink's medicinal heritage? I suspect so. Anyhows a couple of fingers of this juniper juice have now been consumed for what I will call medicinal purposes. I have to say that for my taste this particular gin was just a trifle too floral and a bit soapy. I cannot imagine that another bottle will be purchased.

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