Friday, 26 April 2013

Go Faster Shoes

My Puma racing shoes are definitely coming to an end of their earthly life. It will soon be time to say my goodbyes, entomb them in the black wheelie bin and watch the waste disposal lorry drive hesitatingly up the road towards the recycling centre. All that will remain of them will be the memory of their wet, cheesy whiff after a damp race day. Happy days.


So what of their replacements? Even before the mute lined walk to the wheelie bin I have been a traitor to the memory of the trusty pumas. I ordered a pair, (I find that this is aways a good idea as I do not , thankfully, suffer any paucity in the lower limb department), of Asics Gel DS 9 Racing Shoes from Alton Sports. These colourful foot coverings arrived this morning, three days after I had placed my order. It is not long before the now traditional week of warm weather training so I think that I will keep these new shoes in pristine condition until they can feel the warm Portuguese sun beating down on them.


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