Thursday, 4 April 2013

Potatoes Planted

Potatoes take up quite a lot of room in the vegetable garden, but not only do you have them fresh from the garden garnished with mint sauce, but with the right variety they store so well. With a modicum of planning it is relatively easy to have your own potatoes for eight or nine months of the year.


I bought my early potatoes some weeks ago, not very many, just sufficient for two short drills, perhaps thirty tops. They were sufficiently, "chitted," by the weekend to allow me to plant them. As tends to be my wont I selected, "British Queens," for my ,"early." Strictly speaking I suppose it is a second early. This variety was developed in Scotland in the 1890's and is now regarded by some as a heritage variety. I have planted the tubers some twelve inches apart with two feet between drills. Weather permitting I would hope to have them in the pot by the middle of July.


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