Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finn Valley AC Display Lack of Time Tabling Skills

Finn Valley AC's mission statement declaims that the Club has, "a proven track record of delivering programmes and building facilities." What they didn't display on Wednesday evening was the ability to devise a realistic timetable for an open Track & Field Meet and then run it as near as possible in accordance with that timetable. Yesterday's weather provided no excuses and this is not a new club headed by people with little or no experience of athletics.

Why was it not possible to allocate specific times for specific events? Why did the organisers think that it was sufficient to provide a, "timetable," which listed nine track events with a commencement time of 6.30 pm for the first race and no further event times?

I had the misfortune of running the last event on the list, the 1500m. When was I to warm up? It was a cold evening and difficult to keep warm. It was 9.20pm before my race was called to the line.

Several Seniors and Masters had travelled a considerable distance to support this meeting. Most left  disgruntled. Must do better has to be the mantra for Finn Valley.

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