Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tomatoes are Red!

Perhaps a week later than I would have liked, but I did get round to sowing my tomato seed yesterday. The garden centres and seed catalogues have a bewildering selection of varieties for sale. You don't even have to be constrained by the colour red. Yellow and dark purple tomatoes can be yours.


Call me old fashioned, ( I am), but in my book tomatoes are red. I don't want yellow tomato soup, or yellow ketchup or purple tomatoes poking out of my salad or sandwich. I want my easily recognisable and traditionally red tomato. With that in mind I chose two stalwarts of the tomato world to grow this year, Moneymaker and Ailsa Craig.


Both packets contained about fifty seeds, so even allowing for a few, "no shows," I will end up with more seedlings than I need. I usually grow on two dozen plants. The seed trays are now safely ensconced in a small heated propagator on the kitchen windowsill. With the bottom heat I would expect germination to occur within a week.


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