Saturday, 6 April 2013

Co. Down Stoves


Dundrum Bay towards The Mournes - 5th April 2013
Dundrum Bay looking towards The Mournes - 5th April 2013


The baffle plate at the back of the woodburner required replacement. I had that it might have lasted more than two years, but I suppose that even metal succumbs to the temperatures engendered in the burner.


It is a Clearview Burner and unfortunately the sole Northern Ireland agent is based some miles distant in Dundrum. They offered to post me the necessary lump of metal, but it was going to cost me more for postage than the price of the part. Accordingly I determined upon visiting the showroom and purchasing not just the necessary part, but also a spare.


It is not the largest of habitations, probably no more than a thousand inhabitants. The views over Dundrum Bay looking towards the Mournes are quite picturesque. Unfortunately a carbuncle of a townhouse and apartment development has been permitted. I think that it is called, "The Quay." A rather different nomenclature comes to mind.


Anyhows the replacement baffle and spare are now purchased and the burnt out baffle has been replaced.


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