Tuesday, 23 April 2013

British Milers' Club - 50th Anniversary.

I received my six monthly edition of BMC News this morning. It is now fifty years since the British Milers' Club was founded by the irascible Frank Horwill. To commemorate this milestone and Frank's contribution to middle distance running a selection of his training and educational articles have been drawn together in a two part supplement. The first part accompanied today's magazine. The second part will partner the autumn edition.


Initially founded with the aim of raising the standard of British Miling the Club has extended its coverage of events over the years. It now organises races from 800m to 5000m including the steeplechase. All of these races feature a pacemaker. The unashamed aim is to assist runners achieve a. 'PB."


It was probably about twenty years before his death at the beginning of 2012 that I met Frank. It was at the La Santa sports resort in Lanzarote. He was there along with a group of athletes from Serpentine Athletic Club. I happened to know one of the Serpentine runners, one Tony Chada by name. He was my passport to training with Frank during my two week, "holiday." Frank referred to everyone, male and female alike, as, "comrade." Even Robin Kindersley , from I think a scion of the Guinness family, was met with this form of address. I also seem to remember that Frank had a penchant for red wine which he displayed with some alacrity at the party which was held on the last night of the holiday.

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