Friday, 26 April 2013

Tomatoes Pricked

I potted up some of my tomato seedlings yesterday, twenty three days after sowing the seed. As usual I have placed them in three and a half inch pots. They will grow on in these for the next three to four weeks after which they will be ready to plant out in rings in the greenhouse border.


These,"rings," are essentially bottomless pots. When I first started growing tomatoes, rings were made from a material called, "whale hide," which was a bit like roofing felt. The outside of the rings was a redish purple colour and the inside black. It is probably forty years since I saw them for sale.


I have to decide what to do with my surplus tomato seedlings. Do I just throw them out, or do I pot them on in the hope that I can dispose of them to good homes? I suppose that my surplus runs to about one hundred plants. A few denarii to invest in the garden would be good.


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