Friday, 5 April 2013

Main Crop Potatoes Purchased

With my early potatoes now safely ensconced in the ground I decided to purchase my main crop potatoes yesterday. Unfortunately the small garden centre which I decided to patronise was selling its seed potatoes in kilos, but at least they were being sold loose and not in those expensive prepacked net bags.


I purchased two varieties, Maris Piper and King Edward. The latter Potato was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century and as this coincided with the coronation of King Edward VII it was named after him by way of commemoration. Not the biggest of croppers it has quite an attractive tuber, creamy coloured with red blushes around the eyes. Maris Piper is apparently the most commonly grown potato in the UK, most probably due to its heavy cropping and resistance to blight and eelworm.


I haven't quite prepared the ground for these potatoes and for the moment I have placed them in boxes in the cellar to allow them to chit up.


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