Sunday, 21 April 2013

Saturday On Track

Good track session yesterday. After a twenty minute run to warm up and various drills, we ran two sets of 8 x 200m, with 90 seconds to cover 200m between efforts and four minutes jog between sets. I managed the efforts in 35/36s, so just a bit quicker than my 1500m pace. We have a 1500m race pencilled in for Wednesday night so the idea was to attune our minds, (and legs), to the appropriate pace.

With the 200 metre runs completed we all thought that the session was ended, save for a warm down. Well not quite all of us. Our coach announced that we would now all run a 400m, one after the other. Some of the group thought he was joking. He wasn't. The fastest 400m was just under sixty seconds. Not tremendously fast, but it was run on tired legs. Unfortunately I wasn't able to head the rankings in this test of speed, but I managed a reasonably respectable 63.1 s, so not too far behind my younger brethren.


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