Monday, 8 April 2013

Running Alone.

My Sunday morning training compadre rang on Saturday night to advise that he would not be joining me for the following day's exertions. He had tweaked his right hamstring, not badly, but he was still very definitely on the injured list.


I assumed that this had occurred during his kickboxing training, but it transpired that the damage had been done whilst he had being doing a few strides on Tuesday evening. He was not happy. I knew how he felt. I have been in the same position too many times not to. When you are used to training most days of the week, being unable to get your daily, "fix," due to injury does have its impact. It is not exaggerating to say that it does upset one's equilibrium. It does make you feel rather depressed and a bit angry, or at least annoyed with your physical frailty.


Anyhow with no one to meet up with I just ran from home and competed a circuit of 7.81 miles. I suppose you would describe it as an undulating run, although there are four fairly steep hills. The shortest probably takes 45s to scamper up and the longest maybe two minutes. The first mile took a very comfortable eight minutes although I hadn't completed any warmup, with the second mile taking a further seven and a half minutes. Thereafter I gradually increased the pace. The final time was 53min 59, which according to the old Garmin works out at 6min 55 per mile.


A large lunch followed.

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