Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tottering Around the Track - But not too gently.

Spring is in the air even if it isn't quite in my stride. Flatness of stride is something which the middle distance runner of mature years has to fight against. It is rather an unequal fight as you can't excise the years, but there are some things that you can do, to at least slow down the inevitable decline associated with age. At most of our group training sessions we would spend at least fifteen minutes performing various drills, forcing us to run tall.

Yesterday saw the group take to the track for a series of long reps. This was prefaced by the usual warm up and sprint drills. The actual session consisted of 4 x1000m with a two minute, 200m walk/ jog between the efforts. I wasn't quite sure how this session would go. I started off with a 3min 33s. This was followed by 3min 28s, 3min 29s and then 3min 19s. So an average of 3min 27.25s. The session is supposed to give an indication of your 5k time.

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