Friday, 22 February 2013

Brain Drain in County Fermanagh.

The Fermanagh Economic Development Organisation is apparently concerned that young people in County Fermanagh are being, "educated for export." Quelle surprise! It has been ever thus and not just in that County, but right across Northern Ireland and the other outlying regions of the United Kingdom.


Highly paid jobs tend to be concentrated in large conurbations and tend to require highly qualified individuals. Is it therefore surprising that young people who happen to be gifted,whether academically or technically, should take the boat or plane to London, Birmingham or further afield? I think not. There were forty three individuals in my upper sixth year. I think that twelve have remained in Northern Ireland. I do however have to concede that in the mid 1970's there were other very real reasons to exit this part of the world.


The economics of location mean that Co Fermanagh will never have the Uk average of highly paid jobs. Certainly not from organic growth. Government grants or subsidies might persuade the occasional high profile business to set up shop in that County, but without that governmental cloche the economy of Fermanagh is unlikely to ever stanch the brain drain.

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