Sunday, 24 February 2013

Orchard and Nuttery (part 4)

My nut and apple tree order arrived on Wednesday as advised by the Nursery. They left the deep south at 6 30pm on Tuesday and arrived with me at 10.15 am on Wednesday. Not bad for 15 yoyo me thinks.

Unfortunately I still haven't managed to plant my embryonic orchard.There has been much more work than I anticipated. For the moment the baby trees have been healed in. I have however managed to purchase the necessary rabbit guards. These were sourced from Workmans, the agricultural suppliers in Garvagh. The price was not untoward. Sixty two and a half pence per guard. I also purchased a new grape (digging fork). I was told to go up the yard and go through the first door and proceed to the first floor to inspect the available forks. This involved climbing up a flight of wooden steps which was angled at 50 degrees or more. Lucky for Workmans that the premises must be at least one hundred years old. I don't think that Building Control would be happy with the present layout.

Today I marked my planting spots and I even managed to dig the holes for three of the trees. Hopefully the weather will remain dry for the few days so that I can dig the remaining planting holes and complete this task.

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