Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Orchard and Nuttery (Part 2)

The weather in the last month has not been conducive to my plans to establish a small orchard and nuttery. After my initial onslaught on the ground which I have allocated for the project I had only managed a couple of hours of additional clearance operations. Yesterday however there was no rain, no wind, no snow, no frost and I was able to progress the task somewhat. A few piles of stones still have to be moved, but I now have a cleared space measuring approximately sixty five feet by thirty feet. This should give me enough room for eight or maybe even ten trees.


I think that I will commence my planting operations with equal numbers of cob and apple trees. Fruit trees are surprisingly expensive, most particularly if you decide to elect for, "standards." Clearly the larger the tree the sooner the results, but larger trees require the additional expense of stakes and ties. There is also a greater chance of the tree not taking. I think therefore that I will go for, "maidens." Whilst this will obviate the need for stakes I will need to invest in rabbit guards. I do not want my investments ringed to death by Roger Rabbit and his mates.


I have checked out two local nurseries, but neither of them had cob trees for sale and their apple trees had a rather bland genetic makeup. I think that I will send off for bare root plants and try to get some old varieties that don't attract commercial growers, but which are more tasteful. Quality rather than quantity is to be the bye word .


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