Monday, 11 February 2013

The Honourable the Irish Society - 400th Anniversary.

2013 marks Londonderry's year as UK City of Culture, but from an historical perspective this year marks an event which perhaps has more relevance for the City and maybe deserves more attention.


It was in 1613 by way of a Royal Charter that the Honourable the Irish Society and the County of Londonderry was created. The task of the Irish Society was to undertake the Plantation of Ulster in the North West of the Province. Its funds were contributed by the twelve great Livery Companies of London. Most of the lands of the County would be divided between these Companies in roughly even, "proportions." for which they drew lots. In order of precedence the twelve Livery Companies are as follows:-

The Mercers Company

The Grocers Company

The Drapers Company

The Fishmongers Comany

The Goldsmiths Company

The Skinners Company

The Merchant Taylor's Company

The Haberdashers Company

The Salters Company

The Ironmongers Company

The Vintners Company

The Clothworkers Company





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