Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snow Return

More snow! Not oodles of the white fluffy stuff, probably not more than a couple of inches, but still enough to be inconvenient and disruptive. The main road, this is a relative term, not an official Roads Service designation, seems to be relatively clear. So, as long as I can manoeuvre the horseless carriage down my very minor road, to the less minor road and hence on to the aforesaid major thoroughfare I should be able to attend to the tasks which I have allocated myself today.

My usual Tuesday evening training session may however prove to be slightly problematical unless there is a strong melt and the temperature keeps positive. At the moment we are running three minute efforts with ninety second jog recovery. Last Tuesday we ran eight efforts. Everyone runs at their own speed. For me that is currently six minute mile pace which works out at a convenient half mile per effort. Easy to keep track of on the garmin!

I had thought of pulling a few leeks today for this evenings repast but methinks that the menu may need revamping. 

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