Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tales from the Cinema

Mary Poppins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Magnificent Seven
The Return of the Magnificent Seven
Shindler's List

A rather disparate collection of films. Until yesterday this listing showed the totality of my picture palace viewings. I could certainly not be described as as a film buff. The hype surrounding new films doesn't interest me or tempt me to traipse, lemming like, to some omniplex. I don't mind watching a film. In fact I have positively enjoyed certain films. But I am quite happy to wait until they appear on terrestrial television. Listening to ardent film fans chomping their way through buckets of popcorn and drinking quarts of fizzy drinks has never appealed to me.

Somewhat against my better judgment I have now added a seventh film to the above list. The silver screen recipient of my six pounds was entitled, "Les Miserables." Did I enjoy the film? Well not particularly. It did go on a bit. Did I enjoy the whole cinema experience? Definitely not. The Dolby surround sound or whatever it is called was just too noisy. The bucket seats were uncomfortable and I don't see the attraction of sitting in the dark. Will I ever visit a cinema again? Well I don't suppose I should say never, but I certainly won't be scanning the entertainment pages on a weekly basis in search of what the critics are acclaiming as the current, "must view."

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