Wednesday, 20 February 2013

First Trust Bank Shrinks its Network

One could be forgiven for thinking that Northern Ireland's Banks are in a competition to see which of them can close the most branches.

In January the Bank of Ireland announced that it would be closing nine branches. Not to be outdone, First Trust Bank have now stated that they will be closing six branches by the end of June. Among the branches nominated for this programme of, "rationalisation," is that in Limavady. It is reported that the customers from that branch are to have their accounts transferred fourteen miles down the road to the Crescent Link branch of the Bank in Londonderry. That will be convenient! Despite the increase in online banking people do still need to go into their local branch. A twenty eight mile round trip is not an option for many people.

It must now be accepted that our Banks will no longer be providing province wide branch networks. The local bank manager is becoming an endangered species.

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