Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Cat's Life

Cats do seem to have a very finely attuned equilibrium with their surroundings. They are always in control of their environment. Nothing much flusters the average moggy. With a modicum of chicken infused protein and sufficient water all cats tend to be very happy cats


I wonder if they would notice the introduction of some equine DNA into their diet? Might the domestic cat's palate be more finely attuned than that of the typical consumer of Findus products.? That, if correct, would be a very sad reflection on Homo sapiens. It does seem strange and not a little disappointing that we seem to be unable to tell the difference between beef and horse meat.


I seem to remember advertisements telling us that we were unable to differentiate between margarine and butter. Maybe the purveyors of burgers and lasagne like products should now be taking out advertisements in the press and television exhorting the merits of horse meat and pointing out that one hundred percent of consumers can't tell the difference between meat from Daisy or Dobbin.


What did happen to Shergar?




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