Friday, 15 February 2013

A Londonderry Shipbuilder

In my post of 6th August 2012, "Shipbuilding in Londonderry," I gave a brief outline of the shipbuilding industry of Londonderry. One of the City's budding Brunels was Charles Joseph Bigger, the fourth son of William Finlay Bigger of , "Rivervew," His Foyle Shipyard launched a total of 25 ships between the years 1887 and 1892. He had five launching berths, each capable of taking a vessel of 500ft in length. Specialising in steel hulled vessels, four such vessels were built for the William Mitchell Line. The, "Osseo," was built for the McCorkell Line. That vessel was lost at Holyhead on 30th December 1894 en route from Chile to Ardrossan, The entire crew of 26 was lost.

Subsequent to his shipbuilding venture Charles Joseph Bigger, (CJB), moved to England. His son, Leslie, along with three of his cousins served as commissioned officers during the Great War. Although Leslie survived the war he was to die of his injuries in 1923. His father purchased a grave in the City Cemetery, Londonderry intending that his son should be buried there, although this did not ultimately occur.

The photograph above shows the name plate which CJB had above the door to his office at the Foyle Shipyard.


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