Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Orchard and Nuttery (Part 3)

Having spent last weekend perusing garden nursery websites I decided that I would place my order for nut trees and apple trees with Future Forests Nurseries of Bantry, Co Cork. The cost of the trees seemed quite reasonable and the delivery charges were a fraction of what certain English nurseries were demanding. Accordingly I emailed my order through to them just after lunch on Monday. I ordered four nut trees and six apple trees. Three of the apple trees are eaters and three are cookers. All the trees are bare rooted. The trees which I have ordered are as follows:-

Cosfords Cob
Nottingham Cob
Red Filbert
Webbs Prize Cob
Arthur Turner - Cooker
Annie Elizabeth - Cooker
Howgate Wonder - Cooker
Cox's Orange Pippin - Eater
Elstar Red - Eater
James Grieve - Eater

The nursery rang me at 4pm on Monday to confirm that everything was in stock and that my order would be dispatched on Wednesday (today) and delivered on Thursday. I have to say that I was impressed at the quickness of the turnaround.

The nut trees cost €7.50 each, with the charge for the apple trees being €15 each. The delivery charge was a very reasonable €15. Hopefully the quality of the trees is as good as the quality of service!

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