Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Last Red Baron

It is that time of year. I am down to the last of the onions which I had harvested from the garden last summer. It does seem a long time ago. For some reason red onions seem to keep better than the ordinary white onion. Last year my red onion of choice was Red Baron.


I usually try to plant my onion sets in or about the middle of March. It is usually my depleting store of the previous year's onions which prompts me in to action. This year I have elected for Karmen as my red onion and the ever faithful Ailsa Craig as my white onion. Unfortunately I had to buy the red onion sets in grammes, £2.20 for 500g. They had been pre- weighed by the garden centre and placed in brown paper bags. I haven't counted the number of sets but I expect there must be about 160 in the bag. My white onion sets were purchased from the emporium which is called, "Workmans" Like me they are insistent that Europe should not do away with hundredweights stones, pounds and ounces. Their onion sets were loose and you selected whatever number or weight you wanted. I took 150 sets which at £1.50 per pound worked out at £1.70. Accordingly my total investment in onions comes to £3.70. This should give me at least a hundredweight of onions.


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