Sunday, 3 March 2013

Orchard and Nuttery (Part 5)

I have now managed to plant all of the nut trees and apple trees which I  purchased recently. It took rather longer than I had anticipated and I certainly made much more use of my pick than I thought would be necessary. The ground was quite stony. Hopefully all of the trees will, "take," and I won't have to invest in any replacements.

I have some snowdrops which have grown in rather inconvenient places in the garden, so I think that I will dig them up, "in the green," and transplant them around my embryonic trees. Some daffodils and bluebells might also give a little bit of maturity to what I now refer to, (rather pathetically) as my orchard.

I am glad and rather relieved that I did not attempt to clear and plant out the entire orchard area in one year. Thankfully I now have almost twelve months to clear the balance of the designated ground and determine what further trees I will plant. Maybe some cherries and espalier pears. I am tempted by the notion of a walnut tree, but as they grow into very substantial trees I suspect that a place in the lower garden might be more appropriate than the rather restricted confines of the orchard and nuttery.

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