Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lifford Track Training Session

Yesterday's training session took us to Lifford in Co. Donegal. Despite having a population of only 1658 the Athletic Club in this small border town has a "Mondo," track. The lanes haven't been marked up as yet, but it is open for training purposes.


After a warm up we performed various drills before running a 200m to get our legs turning in anticipation of the main course of our training. We were to run 4 x 600m at better than 1500m pace. We had some six minutes between efforts so plenty of time to get your pulse down, but not enough time to do much with the build up of lactic acid.


There were nine of us present and we sorted ourselves into three groups based on anticipated times. The slowest group started each effort some twelve seconds before the next group who in turn started twelve seconds before the speed merchants of group three. This arrangement was aimed at ensuring that everyone completed their runs more or less together.


My first effort resulted in a time of 115s, so a bit slow. The second and third runs were ran in 110s with the last effort being run in 105s.


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