Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tennyson's Run.


Half a league, half a league onward! Well to be honest each of yesterday's reps weren't that length. More like a quarter of a league, but a quarter of a league, a quarter of a league onward doesn't sound as good or as far. It isn't! Certainly Tennyson didn't opt for the shorter distance. I suppose it wouldn't have scanned.


Anyhows yesterday's training session consisted of six, five minute efforts with two and a half minutes jog recovery between reps. The session was done over a gently undulating 1k. grass course. Seven of the group appeared for the session. We regrouped after every rep, so you were able to judge whether you were improving or not in comparison with the others. This was very much a session that was orientated towards 5k racing. Most of the others had raced over 5k on Sunday unlike myself. I was reasonably heartened with my efforts. They were certainly indicative of an 18 minute time or thereabouts. I would settle for that.


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