Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tesco Tries to Ingratiate Itself

The various ramifications of the horse meat scandal have hit Tesco hard. In an attempt to ingratiate themselves to their concerned customers they have even had poetry penned.


They are now hoping to placate their customers in Northern Ireland by announcing that they are going to double their buying of Northern Ireland meat. This will, apparently, result in the percentage of, "NI," meat in their local stores increasing from 20% to 90%. On the face of it this looks good for the local agri-food sector, but this will only the the case if farmers are paid a realistic price for their produce. I would hope that the recent furore results in more shoppers frequenting their local butchers, bakeries, fishmongers and fruit and veg merchants.


It would be nice to see a few Tesco stores having to close through lack of business.

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