Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bouncy, bouncy. Splat!

I happened to be walking past a Sainsbury store this pm. The pavement was practically impassable. The cause of the blockade was what I understand is termed a , "bouncy castle." Not only was there this physical obstruction, but my ears were being assaulted by the throbbing breaths of a generator which was keeping the garish rubber structure afloat. A notice announced that this was all part of the, "Red Nose Weekend," celebrations.


I was not in a celebratory mood. To my mind these flatulent structures are garish, puerile and should have a sharp darning needle thrust through their epidermis.


The other structures which "sprogs," apparently need so as to enjoy their childhood and which I believe should be done away with are those silly trampolines with safety netting around the circumference. How often are they used? Most of them seem to be covered in a slimy covering of pleurococcus Perhaps their non usage is a reflection of the bmi of the average sprog, (aka child), in 2013.

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