Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Concept of Indoor Rowing.

Bit of a contradiction really, - indoor rowing. It isn't rowing at all. Related to rowing certainly, but not the same sport. It isn't as if people are paddling up and down the municipal baths. Instead they are cosily ensconced in a local gym, or their spare room, pulling away at an energy damper as they sit on a rather uncomfortable seat which in most instances slides up and down a rail. The action simulates that of rowing.


The most popular rowing machines, also known as ergometers by the cognoscenti, are undoubtedly the Concept2 models. It must be more than ten years ago that I purchased one and although not a cheap item I must say that it has turned out to be the best piece of fitness kit that I have ever purchased. If weather conditions or injury prevents me running then I can still get a good work out.


I came across a web site this evening which gave the results of the 2013 Irish Indoor Rowing Championships. These had been held in Limerick. It also set out the age records for the various race distances. Being of a slightly competitive and inquisitive bent I decided to check what the 500m record time was for a lightweight (under 165lbs) male in the 50 - 60 category. I had tested myself over this distance in the last year and recorded a time of 1.38.4. It must be a pretty soft record as I find that I am 2.7secs inside it! The British record turns out to be 1.28.4. That might be a target worth aiming for.


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