Friday, 22 March 2013

European Masters Indoor Athletics Championships

This is the week of the European Masters Indoor Athletics Championships. The venue for the Peter Pans of the athletic world is San Sebastion in Spain. Two of my training compadres flew out on Tuesday morning and are due to compete in their age group 1500m heats tomorrow, with the finals scheduled for Sunday. I was more than tempted to enter and book my flights when they were arranging matters, but my left hip was still causing me problems at the time and I didn't want to commit to the expense if I was going to be unable to run. As things have turned out I would have been able to compete. Hey ho.!

I would probably have ran the 800m. That, potentially would have have given me three races. To qualify from the heats in my age category would have necessitated running better than 2 min 30. That would have been a doddle. In order to qualify from the semi finals would have needed a time better than 2.26.31. If I couldn't manage that I think I would shoot myself. What then of the final? Well I cannot suggest that I would have won the race. The winning time was 2.11.41. Fourth place was 2.14.21. I think I might have been close to that. However I can only imagine. I wasn't at the starting line and I certainly wasn't at the finishing line.

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